9 Things Men should NOT be Ashamed of

Things Men should NOT be Ashamed of
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Nigeria is such a culturally diverse and rich nation. As a result, we have so many cultural expectations and pressures put upon us as men and women to do and be certain things at certain stages of our lives, regardless of our personal goals.

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In addition, we have societal expectations that are demanded of us. These are the general courtesies that we must have to be upstanding citizens in the society or else we are less than.

Thus, in getting rid of those hideous stereotypes, here are 8 things men shouldn’t be ashamed of:

  1. Being a foodie: Yeah, of course, things should be in moderation. However, there should be nothing wrong in being a self proclaimed food lover and representing that when you’re in public places. Just make sure you’re not chewing too loud or being a glutton and you’re good.
  2. Not liking your family: In Nigeria, we are expected to be absolutely family oriented. The truth is that yes we may love our families but then we don’t always like them. This means that we don’t always want to be around them. Sometimes, we just want a break from the family to be by ourselves or with friends and that is not a bad thing.
  3. Being a loner: Again, Naija is such a ‘gbo gbo ero’ (crowd) kind of place and as such there is no culture of having real alone time and if you are trying to have a time of solitude, you’re either a snub or something is wrong with you but truth is…nothing is wrong with you!
  4. Sneaking food to the movies: Well, sometimes you’re not feeling the snacks the movie theater has to offer and you just wanna do you. In those instances, you just bring a little something and you sneak it into the movies. And hey! If you went to boarding school in Naija, you’re already a master at this.
  5. Tipping less for bad service: Tipping your waiters/waitresses isn’t quite a popular culture in Nigeria. However, for the few who do tip, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you get crappy service and you tip less as a result, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Tipping is meant to be gratitude to your service provider directly, for a great job done not a crappy service.
  6. Not having children: Ah! yes, this is nearly every Nigerian mom’s nightmare. The truth is that not man is going to go to college, get a great job with millions per year in salary, move into their own home, buy a cool car and then get married and start popping out children 9 months later. Some guys just don’t want kids.
  7. Playing Video games: I know it may seem like it’s only man-children who still play video games at the age of 30 but have you ever considered that it may just said man’s past time activity. The same way some people have love the spa to unwind or the movies to relax after a hard day.
  8. No girlfriend/wifey: It’s time we understood that being single is not a curse or a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be. Some men are either just not ready or they would love to accomplish some other things before committing to a relationship with anyone.
  9. Bad breath: Everyone, not matter how great they look on the outside, has morning breath to some degree. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When you eat certain foods you also develop bad breath and that’s why you should have gum or some mints handy.

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