6 Reasons You’re Still Single

6 Reasons You’re Still Single

 Reasons You're Still Single Ladies: Why you should be aware of signs of Infertility

Many longtime single people, who have been searching for love usually have habits that reduce their chances. Some of your habits could be stopping you from moving past the first few dates. Here are some of the major things that make you undateable:

1. You’ve got pride

We know these kinds of people who think and act like everyone is beneath them. Like they’re better than everyone else. Your big ego could be getting in your way of finding love. If you think you’re better than everyone, how are you going to settle with one person?

2. Workaholic spirit

Hard work is good. Successful people are hard and smart workers. But how will you have time to date when you work a 12 hour day?

3. Being too clingy

You know those guys/ladies that call your phone 5 times a day after knowing you for a few days. If you’re one of those people, you’re clingy. And this comes off as being desperate. It could be chasing away your love interests.

4. Unrealistic standards

Unrealistic standards can be hurting your chances of finding love. Set realistic standards and you will find love sooner.

5. Lying too much

Some people’s names need to be changed to Linus or maybe Pinocchio. This is because they lie about every little thing. Nobody likes being lied to. If you’re a Pinocchio (male and female), please change your ways to find a partner.

6. Being too argumentative

If you’re on a date and your partner thinks A is better than B. And you think B is better than A. There is no need to talk them to death till they agree with you. Nobody likes an argumentative partner. Respect people’s rights to their opinions even if it’s different from yours.

 Reasons You’re Still Single