5 Reasons Why Men Should Stop Patronizing Prostitutes

5 Reasons Why Men Should Stop Patronizing Prostitutes

They say prostitution is as old as man himself and it’s eaten deep into the fabrics of the society. Just as churches are springing up here and there, so are brothels found at strategic locations in every area.

Certain topics have emerged on the internet and have discussed why men patronize s*x workers. But in this thread, I shall be discussing reasons why men should quit patronizing these s*x workers.

My aim is not to spoil anyone’s business (no offence to any s*x worker reading this) but be that as it may, I would like to advice these ladies that there are better handworks out there than prostitution. That is going to be a topic for another day. Now Let us see reasons why men should stop patronizing s*x workers.

5 Reasons Why Men Should Stop Patronizing Prostitutes

1. Prevention of Sexually Transmitted diseases:

Condoms are not 100 percent safe in preventing STDs from coming in contact with body fluids, their might be cases where these condoms will mistakenly break and should such s*x worker happen to be a carrier of any s*xually transmitted infection, the man may be at risk. Not only that, other forms of s*x such as ‘mouth action’ do pose a great deal of concern. A s*x worker who may be infected with such disease may have issues with bleeding gums and thus, such infections may be transferred through exchange of fluids into the man’s body system unknowingly. Should a man wish to have ‘mouth action’, it’s best he should do it with his wife alone.

2. It destroys a man’s destiny:

1st Corinthians 6:16 writes, do you not know that he who joins himself with a prostitute becomes one body with her? For it is written, the two shall become one flesh. Chapter 7 says, it is well for a man not to touch a woman, but because of the temptation to immorality, each man should have his own wife. Verse 8 goes on to advise, it is better for a man to marry, than to burn with passion.

Nowadays, from my research and discussions with friends, I am being told that prostitutes secretly take used condoms to sell. Nobody knows the reason behind such acts, but it will do a man a lot of saving to practice the art of self control than to have his destiny thrown away in the wrong hands.

3. It reduces your self control:

How many of us men can actually stay on for years without actually having s*x? How many of us men can turn down s*xual advances? I’m pretty much sure only a few. Whenever these s*xual urges aka “konji” sets in, the next thing our minds rush to is how to locate the nearest brothel to ease off. It is very possible that these s*xual urges will eventually die down, irrespective of how long they can trigger off in a man. It’s just all about the mindset. By the time u practice to live past two to three s*xual urges, u’ll be able to improve on your ability to have self control which easily saves you a lot from unwanted issues.

4. Saves Money:

For those who are really inexperienced especially the young ones who are beginning to have high s*xual hormones, visiting the brothel will just be the first and only option to cool off. Now i’m not saying it’s cool to have a girlfrnd just because your sole aim is to have s*x with her, neither is this post sighting why men should rather sleep with regular ladies insted of prostitutes. Please don’t get it wrong! My main focus is just prostitutes alone. Because a prostitute is a prostitute.

These s*x workers know an inexperienced man when they see one, and they will really do whatever it takes for such guy to “cum” very fast. Now don’t ask me how I know all these things, like I said, I do my research. And after such guy “cums” too early, he is compelled to pay for more rounds, just because he is inexperienced, thereby investing his money which he would have ought to use for something else far more important. And as Time goes on, he gets addicted to patronizing sex workers and spends all his money on them, thereby having little or no savings. Isn’t it better to give to charity? Than waste all your money patronizing sex workers? Think!

5. Prevents stereotype:

A frequent customer to brothels now sees women as s*x objects. They think that the only thing a human being who has breast and vagina can offer is just s*x and nothing more. Hence they are seen as misogynists. They can hardly sustain a platonic friendship with the opposite s*x as any type of woman appeals to him. In as much as womanhood is concerned, females are useless. This notion has to stop! The importance of womanhood to the human race cannot be far fetched, not only did God create eve as a mate to Adam, she was created to fill that loneliness gap, to be a helper, and a friend. Seeing women as just only meant for sex is in itself perversion of the highest degree.

Written by CuteHector