Relationships: 5 Major Reasons You Must Not Put Up With Physical Abuse

Relationships: 5 Major Reasons You Must Not Put Up With Physical Abuse

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Violence and Abuse Not Acceptable!

It has been repeated over and over, everywhere and all the time for anyone who cares to listen; “Don’t stay in a physically abusive relationship”. Somehow, there are still a lot of people secretly enduring such relationships and sometimes, even justifying it.

People who are victims in violent relationships usually have a lot of differing reasons why they can’t get out but the most common ones are because they are really scared, they feel they’ve failed if the relationship fails or that they believe that their partner will change. And in spite of facts that should help them see that staying doesn’t really change their partners, they just can’t seem to leave.

Well this is another reminder of major reasons why no one should put up with battering and violence in a relationship;

It may lead to death

Anyone who stays in a relationship with someone who is physically violent towards them may eventually lose their lives to such battering and violence. It’s not a tale; this is how many people (especially women) have lost their lives.

It causes illness

Constant beatings may eventually damage organs in the victim’s body which will result in long-term illness. Even when that is not the case, battering often leaves victims with wounds and broken bones that take them to the hospital constantly. If it continues, it may lead to permanent pain and disfigurement.

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Physical abuse

It damages the mind

Staying in an environment of violence and abuse distorts the mind; it creates psychological and emotional problems that may make it hard or impossible for the victims or any other person exposed to it to function normally. For one thing it destroys a person’s self-worth.

It is a bad legacy

Where children are involved, it is a terribly bad example to keep them in a violent and abusive home. It is the basis for which many of them get into abusive relationship when they grow up. Examples and experiences of violence in the home or community is what moulds many boys and girls into physically abusive men and women when they grow up. Almost all children who grew up in such situations have some psychological and emotional damage.

Staying in such a relationship may be destroying an innocent and making another abuser.

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You deserve better

Nobody deserves to be manhandled, beaten and humiliated by persons who are supposed to love, support and protect them. This is reason enough to walk away from violent and physically abusive relationships.

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