Why You Experience Dry Lips and How To Treat Them

dry lips

– The major causes of dry lips and the symptoms.

– The basic treatments for dry lips.

It is not a new thing that many people experience dry lips at a point in time, some might say it is due to the weather while some might disagree with this.

Dry lips are a common problem, especially in winter season. Dryness of lips may be caused by extreme exposed to temperature, whether this is hot or cold.

Although dry lips might truly be because of the weather there are other factors that contribute to dry lips.

Dry lips can also be as a result of dehydration when the lips become dehydrated, they become dry and they cause discomfort and pain.

Also, when we experience dry lips, it can cause other problems such as cracks in the lips, lip sores, etc. It can also lead to the breakage of the lips.

Dry lips.

Causes of dry lips include the following;

1. Dehydration is a major cause.
2. Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol can also be responsible for dryness of lips.
3. Change in weather can also cause. If the weather is either too cold or too hot, dry lips can occur. Dry lips are most often caused by being in overly windy, sunny, or dry conditions.
4. The use of skin care products that may cause allergic reactions can also lead to dry lips.
5. Infections can also cause it.
6. Smoking.
7. Frequent use of soaps and other chemicals.
8. Stress and extreme tiredness can also lead to dry lips.

There are a number of ways to prevent dry lips, they include the following;

1. Hydration is important, make sure you take enough fluids most especially water.

2. Avoid the use of skin products that cause allergies.

3. Avoid smoking and excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

4. Moisturize your lips

5. Protect your lips when going out in cold, dry weather by applying a lubricating lip cream or balm.