Lips Discoloration And Its Effect


– Dangerous causes that make your lips change color.

– What lip discoloration causes to your lips.

Lip discoloration occurs when the lips change from its original color to another color that is often not satisfactory. When a strange discoloration of the lips occurs, we often feel concerned and are n haste to find a solution to this.

The lips are the two fleshy skin that we can find around the opening of the mouth. Also, the lips are parts of the oral mucosa, forming the outer part of the mouth.

In most cases and for most people, the color of the lips is reddish or pinkish hue due to the natural pigment that is contained in the respective skin, this pigment is referred to as melanin.

If a person suffers from discoloration, there is a likelihood that the lips changing into other colors that are different from its original color.

The lips can change to colors that include; yellow, purple, black, deep brown, etc.

However, it is important to know that there are many causes that can lead to the discoloration of the lips, some of the causes of lips discoloration are;

1. Leprosy, this condition attacks the hand, legs and also affect the lips.

2. Skin disorders can also lead to lips discoloration.

Why the lips change color.

3. Unhealthy daily habits can also cause. Habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and taking other unhealthy substances can lead to the discoloration of the lips.

Chronic smoking has a high tendency of darkening the lips.

4. Mechanical and chemical factors are also risk factors.

5. Some dangerous diseases can also cause the lips to change its color. Such diseases include brain tumors, histoplasmosis, leishmaniasis, sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, etc.

6. Hormonal changes can also cause the lips to change color.

7. Nutritional deficiencies and dehydration can also cause it.

It is important to know the cause of lips discoloration, in some cases, the discoloration vanishes on its own.

To treat lips discoloration, you can apply these measure;

  • Hydration is key always stay hydrated, take enough fluids ( especially water).
  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in nutritional benefits.
  • Stay away from habits such as chronic smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • Take lemon juice and honey, they also serve as natural remedies.
  • You should also avoid lipsticks that contain chemicals that can cause lips discoloration.