Tips: How To Make Your Crush Want You

Ever wondered what makes an average looking man become instantly attractive to women? lol
Tips: How To Make Your Crush Want You
Tips: How To Make Your Crush Want You
Eventually you manage to talk with some amount of smoking hot girls and approach them, you’d see one thing over and over – she will test you. When you fail any of these tests believe me, she throws you, there’d be no hooking up with her again, period. Then you join the list of men she has rejected due to their lack of confidence and self esteem. Winks
Want to avoid that? Cool, below are the GOOD news- you know there’s a way you can pass her tests nearly 100 percent of the time.
Majority of hot women’s tests make most men to flee with shame and embarrassment. By knowing this techniques for passing, you make it into a VERY low percentage of men who crush her defenses and become her sexual candidate.
When you know this single secret technique, you continue failing these tests and never gain access to the dream world of attracting and sleeping with extremely gorgeous women.
The tests come in two Categories – congruence tests or compliance tests. Lets focus on the compliance tests. Firstly, allow me to explain a little more about the tests and WHY women seem to NEED them.
Compliance test can be an act or statement which checks if you will do what she wants. And when you do, she gains total control of the interaction, the conversation, and also you. It may seem like she wants you to fail the test so she has the power to herself, right?
Fortunately, that’s not true. You know when a woman gives a compliance test, she really wants you to pass. It is her way to filter out truly confident and attractive guys from the crowd.
I know this might sound very strange, but the truth is  that gorgeous women can’t honestly look at a man an say he’s handsome, therefore he is attractive. They need lots more than just that because many different kinds of guys approach them. An extremely attractive girl gets hit on about 10 to 15 times PER DAY. Which amounts to 3,650 times per year (a conservative estimate) attractive women are hit on. She starts to notice patterns in guys’ behavior whether they’re actually confident, and it has nothing at all to do with how you look.
Compliance tests are really to see if they can get away with what they want. And why would they want to test you on this? She wants to know if you are used to gorgeous women hitting on you or if you are usually around beautiful women.
That is an extremely crucial concept to grasp. Being around beautiful women a lot, you won’t bend over backwards just because they want something. Instead you respond in ways that puts compliance back onto her.
The most beautiful women hand out compliance tests like they’re going out of style and if you fail, you guarantee that you will not attract them. That’s why it is crucial to learn this.
How can you identify a compliance test? Basically look out for any demands she gives to you within a very short time after meeting that may seem small, but she gets you to comply.
A classic compliance test – buy me a drink.
Women can go for your throat here in a bar because there’s not much time for figuring who’s attracted & who’s confident, and who’s not. How do you respond to the “buy me a drink” demand is extremely critical in a bar.
Other small demands such as “can you wait right here while I use the ladies room” or “kiss on the cheek” or “can you our picture for us?”
Any small thing that may seem harmless is usually compliance testing especially coming from really beautiful women & you won’t deny her compliance test, but what you need to do is to take control and add terms of your own.
For instance, if somebody says, “Take our picture.” You can say, “alright I can but I want to take 1 picture for you and 1 picture how I ask you.” If they refuse to, and you say, “OK, find a different guy.”
You actually find another guy to hold the camera and say, “Hey dude, will you take these womens’ picture?” Then you just have them take the picture.
Usually they say okay that’s fine. You snap the picture and say “alright, now I need a sexy look.” Take the picture. “Alright now, make me a silly face”, take the picture. Continue making them pose as long as you can.
What you’re essentially doing is getting compliance. This is critical. Its called “flipping the script” & you’ll hear quite a bit about this topic. Flipping the script remains one the most powerful tools that you can use on women that they won’t know and it creates massive amounts of intrigue and massive amounts of attraction.
From now on, recognize and know when women are giving you compliance tests. Don’t stop & don’t reject her compliance tests. Add terms and conditions of your own.
Do this, and you will see the most beautiful women at the bar treat you in completely different ways from before. You will actually see other men approach her, get shot down and see the ruin in their eyes as you easily navigate in the ocean of compliance testing & emerge with rock star presence, making her even more attracted to you because you’re the only guy who doesn’t just do whatever she wants.
Lol, its but 1 of the many “Sexual Triggers” that would drive smoking hot women wild.