8 amazing experiences of women that men will never understand

See the 8 amazing experiences of women that men will never understand

See the 8 amazing experiences of women that men will never understand

I know that you are too scared to ask, so am just going to save you the trouble and tell you men what you don’t understand about your woman.

Its no fact anymore having been told that men and women come from two different worlds. Men came from the planet Mars and while women from Venus. It also has it that boys like blue and girls like pink, feminism is strictly for females and males must be masculine. All these predisposed social expectations place humans in an odd conundrum: are we too different to understand each other?

Though I myself don’t believe we are so different it’s beyond understanding, we must admit here, there are certain things men will never fully comprehend about women. Are you surprised? good, After months and weeks of studies of research I took out time to outline this amazing facts based on an article published on familyshare. Below are eight of this things;

Nail polish…

its difficult for men to understand the painstaking hour of complete distress a woman experiences after painting her nails. One bump or scratch can ruin a nail masterpiece you so carefully spent time to perfect.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wake up and put on makeups everyday? The pressure to get a perfectly straight line with your black eyeliner and no mascara stuck to your eyelids is a serious struggle! Men will never truly understand why women add color and contour to the unique corners of their faces to feel more beautiful.

Rejecting nice guys

How many times have you heard men complain that women never go for the nice guy? It is a heartless accusation.

Men will never understand the heart wrenching effects of rejecting a nice guy. Having to deny and say “no” to a kind person you simply are not attracted to is not an easy task to accomplish.

Shaving your legs (perfectly)

Unless your man swims or waxes his legs, he will never understand the euphoric feeling that comes from silky smooth hairless legs. He also will not understand the complete disappointment that follows from finding one stripe of hair your razor missed while shaving.

Being called bossy

Why is it when a man lays out a specific plan with high expectations he is called a leader but when a women takes control of a situation she is called bossy?

Men will never understand the socially restrictive “bossy” label women receive for being assertive.

Time spent on beauty care

Believe it or not, women on average spend 40 minutes a day on their beauty routine, and nearly 2 years of their entire life taking care of their beauty essentials.

Men will never understand the time needed for women to look and feel their very best.

Social pressure to be thin

According to a recent study, 80 percent of women in the United States are dissatisfied with their current appearance and nearly 70 percent of normal weighted women want to be thinner. The social pressure to drop a few pounds and squeeze into a dress two sizes smaller is a catalyst for women to develop low self-esteem, depression and acute social anxiety.

The media and fashion industry have introduced a standard that at times can seem unrealistic and unobtainable. In 2010, the Girl Scouts did an online survey of girls ages 13-17. Of the 1,000 young girls surveyed, 9 out of 10 felt pressured by the media to look and act a certain way.

Although men and women both feel the intense pressure from the media to look and act a certain way, men will never understand the impending social pressure women feel to be thin.