5 Medical Causes For Not Getting Pregnant

5 Medical Causes For Not Getting Pregnant

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sometimes the inability to conceive can also be attributed to some deep seated medical conditions that could need deeper analysis and prolonged treatment with proper health care. Some of the common medical conditions are listed below

1. Irregular Periods

As mostly, we start with women when it comes to getting pregnant, women should monitor their cycles more carefully to note if there are high levels of irregularity. If there are irregular periods, the couple should reach out to the doctor to find out the underlying reason(s) and get treatment if required. Irregular periods are the most contributing factor when couples are unable to conceive a baby

2. Adhesions:

Sometimes, the inability to get pregnant can also be due to adhesions in the reproductive organs of the female. Sometimes, these adhesions exist, but women might not have any symptoms at all. These can also be caused due to some injury or trauma to the cavity of uterine. Sometimes, usage of intrauterine devices to avoid pregnancy can also lead to this medical condition. The only way to fix this is to contact your doctor for treatment.

3. Blockage in Fallopian Tubes:

In many cases, the biggest reason couples are unable to get pregnant is due to some lockage in fallopian tubes. How does this affect conception? Well, the egg and sperm might not be able to unite if the fallopian tubes are blocked. Alternately, sometimes the pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tubes which gets terminated on its own or can lead to medical trouble as well. Sometimes, causing the fallopian tube to burst which is a cause of grave concern.

4. Cervical Mucus Problems:

Sometimes the mucus does not change its consistency during the time of ovulation and provides a natural barrier for the sperm from entering the female reproductive organ. Also, there are cases where the body reacts by producing antibodies that kill the sperm and lead to failure in pregnancy despite repeated efforts. For this to be deduced for sure, there are some pretty complex tests that a professional doctor will advise to undertake.

5. Endometriosis and Fibroids:

While the first is a medical condition in which a woman’s endometrial tissue implants itself outside the uterine cavity which causes pain and leads to inability to get pregnant, the second scenario is one in which there are tumors that grow in the uterine wall.

These are a few reasons and causes for not getting pregnant, though there could be a more complex problem at hand that needs more evaluation and understanding. Having a kid is perhaps one of the most satisfying and gratifying experience in one’s life and no person would love to forgo this, until and unless all possibilities have been exhausted.