Guys! 5 Simple Strategy To Get A Girl

Guys! 5 Simple Strategy To Get A Girl
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Just as much as women, men are also looking to find true love to be happy and live a life that is full of contentment and satisfaction. Most of we men wants to marry someday, that is why we are willing and looking forward to going out on dates with great expectations. Though dating today, is the ideal way to start developing a great relationship, for too many men its not an easy task. Cause of the primary fear of rejection it may tend difficult to find the best strategies to attract the girl.

Ever came across all the men’s magazines, from GQ to Men’s Health, I bet you took the time to read the many articles on how to get a date. All the article titles like, How to win her without really trying, How to find that special someone, How to attract a women, and all other written to help us find that most perfect match. As you go through these articles and take in the advice given, there comes a realization that it is mostly common sense behavior. So for those who want to get the girl and take her on a date here are 5 common sense tips to get the girl I use.

1. Be calm, cool and relaxed:

A step at a time, always take it easy if it’s been a while since your last date.You don’t want to give off an air of desperation. You want to give off a vibe that you want to date her because you like her and hope to know her better. Not because your in great need of a partner.

2. Practice Makes Perfect:

Once you’ve met someone and gone through 1-4 and haven’t made a date. Start all over again with tip #1. Its’ amazing how much less you’ll think of yourself and how much more you’ll think of the ladies you’ll meet. How much better a listener you’ll become and more confident as well. That will allow you to enjoy each meeting and soon you’ll both enjoy the Date.

3. Despite your great personality, sense of humor, and calm, cool demeanor, this still may not work out. The lady for whatever reason may just say no, this may not be a good time for her. You may also decide, again for whatever reason, that this may not be a good match for you.

So, be prepared for rejection as well as to reject. In either case whether she decides she doesn’t want to date you or you decide not to date her,smile say your goodbyes, and on to the next. Which brings us to #5 and I think the most important.

4. Develop a great personality.

Do you ever remember seeing an attractive woman arm and arm with a so-so looking guy , seeming as though she wouldn’t want to be anyplace else. Then later you had a chance to talk to the guy, and thought he was pretty cool, I do. The guy had a great personality, which quite a lost of women say is the most important factor for them in a man.

One way this can be done is by smiling, smile when you meet her of course, and smile appropriately during your conversations. We all have a sense of humor, show her yours. You don’t have to do a comic routine but let her know you like to laugh and nudge her to do the same
by adding a little non threatening wit into your conversation.

5. Be Casual:

Let her know that the date would be very casual and fun, a stop at starbucks,listening to a great local band, not something that would be to romantic for the 1st date. As we just talked about, you want to give the vibe that its all about her. You want her to enjoy her time with you.

They’re all the 5 common sense tips to get the girl that work for me and am quiet sure if you add them to your repertoire they will work for you too as well. Winks