Tips For Buying Good Steaks

Tips For Buying Good Steaks

Many people ask questions on how they can get a good, healthy steak. Whether you shop in a mall or in a gourmet butcher shop, you should be able to get the good steaks for your meal. Here are some tips for getting the best of the best steaks for your meals:

1. Creating a good relationship with your butcher


These are the people who know the nitty-gritty of the steaks you’ll like to get. They will advise you on what you need to know about the steak you’re getting, what’s fresh, what’s not, and how to cook it.They would probably appreciate you asking some few questions and give satisfying answers. Don’t go to the butcher’s acting wiser than the seller himself, get to ask them questions and get their advice on good steaks.

2. Get Your Fact Right

After you must have established a cordial relationship with your butcher, you should endeavour to know the types of steaks there are in order to get good steaks. According to your budget, plan ahead to know what type of steak you’re getting, depending on the type of meal you’re preparing to cook. Flat Iron or Flank Steak would be advised if you’re serving a large group. For a small house party, Porterhouse or Bone-in Rib-Eye and thicker cuts such as New York Steak also make great multiple serving steaks. Return the sliced steak to the bone before serving.

3. Know your Cuts


Knowing the type of steak you want for your meal is as important as learning the different parts of the cow and how to distinguish between cuts. It will be good to know that the rump is at the back of the cow, the shoulder area at the front of the cow is the chuck, and the loin and rib areas are in the middle area. This knowledge makes you know that the Chuck, being a locomotion muscle is better for stewing and braising. Tender cuts come from muscles that don’t work hard.

4. Buy from butcher’s counter instead of pre-packaged section

Usually, many supermarkets have sections for both pre-packaged and unpackaged meat selections. An advantage of buying from the case is that you will be able to communicate with the butcher and they could help you select the type of steak that will fit your demand. Pre-packaged steak may look good on the side visible when you’re buying but you are never sure of the other side until you get home. If you’re getting premium steaks, don’t be shy to ask your butcher to check it before purchasing as they’re quite expensive.

5. Buy steaks you can only afford

Prime beef is tasted only by a small percentage of people in the country. All because only 1% – 2.5% of processed beef can be classified by USDA as Prime. More than ninety percent of buyers will prefer to pick a completely lean piece of meat, rather than a prime cut with lines of fat. In the actual sense, it’s the marbling that gives a Prime cut the needed flavour and texture sought after. However, just because Prime is not readily available or affordable doesn’t mean you can’t try Choice. You can buy good steak at the higher level of the Choice grade.