Why You Need To Change Your Bedspread At Regular Intervals


– The importance of using clean bedsheets.

– Healthy living.

When we talk about healthy living, it evolves around habits and practices that contribute to one’s health in a positive way.

Looking filthy is not healthy, neither is wearing dirty clothes and sleeping on dirty bedspread healthy.

A number of bacteria attached to dirty clothes and environment are numerous. To prevent ourselves from exposure to certain diseases and infections, there is the need to stay clean and healthy.

It is important that you change and wash your bedspread or bed sheets regularly. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, this is to say that we spend a third of every day in bed since it is required that you sleep for a minimum of 8hrs at night.

Keep your bedspread clean.

If one is spending much time in a place, then that place requires frequent cleaning.

When we sleep on a dirty bedspread, the following can occurs:

1. Body rashes can occur.

2.It also leads to itches on the body.

3. When we sleep on dirty bedsheets, it means we are sleeping on the sweat, oil and bodily fluids that the body has secreted when we were sleeping, this is dangerous to the health.

4. Sleeping on dirty bedspreads also give chance to the germs and bacteria on the bedspreads to gain access to our body, this thereby leading to sicknesses and diseases.

5. The germs and bacteria could also pose a threat to your health if cleanliness isn’t maintained.

Proper ways of washing the bedsheets include:

  • Soak in a warm and soapy water for some minutes before washing.
  • If you are using hand washing method, wash thoroughly and scrub well for it to be free of germs.
  • Use medium or low setting when washing or drying in the washing machine.
  • Rinse it twice in clean water.
  • Sundry it after rinsing.
  • Also, do not wash your bedspread with other clothing.

The interval of washing of bedspread or changing it is between 4-5 days. There is a refreshing feeling, whenever we sleep on a neat and clean bedsheet.