How To Pan Sear, Pan Fry, and Pan Roast

Pan Searing

Pan seared fish food

It is a method used in grilling, baking, braising, roasting, sauteing
and other cooking styles in which the surface of the food is cooked at a
high temperature until it forms a caramelized crust. Similarly, browning
and blackening are used to sear the sides of a particular piece of meat,
shellfish, poultry, fish, etc.

To pan sear, you should make sure the pot is very hot. You can sprinkle a
drop of water on the pan to test for readiness. Remove the pan from heat,
then add a small amount of fat to coat the surface.

The butter should, however, be heated through but not burn when you want to pan sear. Add the food to be pan-seared, do not remove until the crust is formed. Recipes for pan-searing include pan-seared steak, red wine-shallot sauce, mustard cream sauce, and balsamic vinegar sauce.

Pan Frying


It is a form of dry cooking method that uses very small amount of
cooking oil, applying enough oil to lubricate the oil. For greasy food,
you don’t need oil or you might need a very little quantity of oil.The purpose of pan-frying is to produce a crisp, golden brown crust, tasty outer part and maintaining a mist inner part.

The factors that help you achieve this is the contact between the food and the bottom of the pan and the temperature of the oil. Many cooks have a problem with pan frying and getting a fine crust, without the ingredients sticking to the pan. Most of the time when this occurs, it’s because the pan was not hot enough before the ingredients were added. From steakhouse-quality, you will move to restaurant-quality once you master pan frying methods.

Pan roasting

The suitable pan for pan roasting

It is a method that conducts high-heat above and a lower temperature
finishing in the oven. Cooking steaks indoors involve different stages.
However, the process of cooking over an open fire gives your food a
unique flavour above that of grilling.

Roasting generally brings out the full flavours of the meat. The ideal pan
for pan roasting is usually heavy, but not too heavy so it won’t sprawl
when it’s moved from the oven to counter. You should also get a good
pair of heat-resistant oven gloves.