Key Ingredients You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

Here is a list of key ingredients you should have in your kitchen. You will find them very helpful.

1. Rice

You should stocks, up your kitchen with rice and other carbs, it is quite cheap and fills your stomach easily. Also, it goes with almost everything. There are many ways of making rice, especially with the Asian and Mexican originated dishes.

2. Oils

Cooking oils supply our bodies with enough fat that is needed to stay healthy. It is a major key ingredient in the kitchen. Choosing the type of oil needed to cook a particular meal. Olive oil is mostly for low-heat cooking while canola is for high-heat, baking and frying purposes.

3. Maple syrup

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener and this will help you anytime you need to sweeten your foods. Apart from pancakes, maple syrup is also used in recipes, yogurt, and even fruits. Be however conscious of getting the real maple syrup.

4. Wine

Winning in dining

Cooking with wine is actually fancy and it gives your meal an exciting and satisfactory. Take time to decide which wine you would try out for an event or a family gathering. Do not pour any wine you wouldn’t drink in your meal.

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5. Tomato paste

This will serve as a good substitute for tomato. It’s affordable and quite your ingredient for pasta sauce and pizza sauce. Although tomato paste is a more concentrated form of tomato sauce, it is a convenient replacement.

6. Nuts

Research has shown that people who eat lots of nuts a day live longer and healthier. They are not only delicious, they also help you to make other recipes delicious. You can decide to cut them into bits, so you have more pieces.

7. Flour

Multi-purpose flour

When getting flour, it is more reasonable to get the all-purpose flour as it is good for almost everything. Apart from baking, flour can be used to coat foods when frying and also for thickening your sauces or any other liquids you’re cooking with.

8. Garlic

Another key ingredient you will need to try is garlic if you haven’t before. You need not be scared, make sure you’re using just the right amount of garlic for your dishes. Garlic gives your meal a rich caramel flavour when roasted.

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9. Eggs

Eggs are quite useful in many ways for making a whole lot of dishes. They also supply your body protein which is needed for growth and for repairing worn-out tissues in your body.

10. Ground meat

For affordability, ground meats such as tacos, lasagna, chili, burgers are your best choice of animals. Ground meat is simple and filling. You may decide to add poultry, beef or pork in a different fat percentage.