The Best Choice of Kitchen Essentials You Should Have

These are the best choice of essential kitchenwares you should have in your kitchen:

1. Cutting Board

The Proteak Edge Grain cutting board is your option for cutting board. it will definitely give you the satisfaction you need whenever you see it or use it in the kitchen. You will also need to take care of this type of cutting board than the plastic by cleaning immediately after use. Do not use a dishwasher to wash your cutting board.

2. Measuring Cups

Used most times for measuring the quantity of either solid or liquid cooking ingredients, measuring cups are quite special with different designs. If you would like to upgrade to a more permanent set of measuring cups, try out the high-quality, stainless steel construction, with nesting abilities and pouring lip.

3. Colander

Steel Colander

It uses in the kitchen range from washing salads and vegetables, draining pasta and other stuff you’ll like to use it for in your kitchen. A colander is an essential cookware for your kitchen. Get the stainless steel colander, so you know it will never break and you get to keep it for your lifetime.

4. Potato Masher

A potato masher is a great tool, it usually has a bulky shape that doesn’t allow you to stuck it up in your drawer. A flip potato masher would be recommended because it flips and you get to store it in a drawer. It should also be of quality stainless steel with no BPA, and you can wash with your dishwasher, the best choice ever.

5. Chef’s knife

These knives come in varieties of designs and sizes. With a quality chef’s knife, you get more for your money. With a comfortable handle and a steel- sharpened edge, you’re good to go. You also need to use it properly for it to last longer.

6. Can Opener

A Multi-purpose Can-opener

Get a five-in-one can that can be used to crown cap, unscrew tops, open jar lids and cans and also pull tabs. It helps you get your work done in no time. Get it and derive satisfaction from using it in your home.

7. Whisk

It is one of the most used items in the kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary to get the more ergonomic. A whisk with good grips fits perfect in the hand and can be used for whisking sauces, eggs, desserts, salad dressings and a whole lot more.

8. Grater


Instead of buying different types of zester, grater, and chiffonade, you can get a multi-purpose tool that can do all of your biddings. This multi-purpose kitchenware can grate, slice, shave in fine, coarse, and ultra-coarse, depending on what’s good for what, the best choice. Also, it is made of stainless steel and can be used for forever.

9. Citrus Juicer

A juicer as cheap as it can be of help you to do minimal tasks that can even give you more hassle in the kitchen. Juicing a lime or lemon can be a difficult task to do, but with a quality citrus juicer, you get to know the exact measurements of the juice you’ve squeezed. Good for lemon, lime, and orange, anytime, any day. This juicer is the best choice for your kitchen.

10. Knife sharpener

Even if you’ve never thought of purchasing a knife sharpener, a fantastic well-rated sharpener will do you some good. You get to keep all your knives, as in every one of them, just by buying a knife sharpener.