Skin Paleness; Causes, Symptoms And Treatments


– What you should know about skin paleness.

– Causes and symptoms of paleness of the skin.

Paleness of the skin refers to a condition of being pale or lacking color. When an individual is pale in color, he or she will be light in color which is often different from normal.

Pallor of the skin is an abnormal loss of the normal skin complexion and it can occur as a result of many things. For instance, the paleness of the skin can be due to a reduced amount of the blood in the skin arteries.

The color of the skin is determined by several factors such as the amount of blood flowing to the skin as well as the amount of melanin in the skin.

However, being pale does not mean that you are sick. It is just a signal that you lack certain nutrients that are essential to the health.

So, when there is a lightness of skin color as compared to your normal complexion, this is an instance of skin paleness.

Skin paleness.

There are many factors that contribute to skin paleness, the common causes of the paleness include the following;

1. A reduction in the flow of blood to the skin is a risk factor.
2. Low oxygen level can also cause it.
3. Anemia is also a cause of skin paleness. It refers to a condition in which the body does not produce enough red blood cells.
4. Dehydration is also a cause.
5. Also, not eating a healthy can lead to skin paleness. Malnutrition due to starvation or lack of proteins in the diet can lead to the paleness of the skin.
6. Iron deficiency is also a cause.
7. Blockage in the artery can also cause it.

Also, the doctor can detect or diagnose skin paleness using the following methods;

  • Thyroid function evaluation.
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Iron level test
  • Test of oxygen level.
  • Urine and stool test, etc.