Simple Ways To Prevent Malaria


– How you can keep your body safe from malaria.

– Basic ways to treat malaria once you have it.

A malaria is a disease that a disease-carrying vector transmits. It is a disease spread by mosquito, once a mosquito bites an individual, protozoan ‘plasmodium’ multiples in the blood.

So, a mosquito is the major transmitter of malaria. The good news is that there are precautions one can take to prevent bothe mosquito bites and malaria itself.

Also, malaria is occasionally transmitted by blood transfusion. Although, this is rare and it occurs when they do not test the blood well in the laboratory.

Once you are aware of the risk of getting malaria, it will be very easy to prevent it.

Some of the simple ways to prevent malaria are the following;

1. The most important way is to avoid mosquito bites. You can achieve this by using mosquito repellents and insecticides. Also, the use of mosquito net is another effective way to prevent mosquito bite.

Prevention of malaria.

You can also wear clothes that cover your body, especially your arms and your legs.

2. Another important thing is that you should not wait till you have the symptoms of malaria before you treat it. Prevent it even before it manifest, take precautions.

Use anti-malaria drugs that help you combat the disease. You can use the drug at intervals but it is important to use it according to prescriptions.

Also, when you use anti-malaria drugs, it is important that you finish the course, do not stop half-way, complete the dose.

3. Also, sleep in a well-aerated room to avoid mosquito bites, This is good for those that do not like sleeping under mosquito net due to reactions, allergies and some other reasons.

Whenever you notice the symptoms of malaria, go to a hospital for adequate treatment. You can also take anti-malaria as a means of treating malaria.