Simple tips for single ladies before marriage

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Living on her own

Personally, in my opinion, I think that if more women did that, marriage would survive better. Most women from our society have no idea of what it is that entails taking care of a home and how being responsible for your own bills helps in that area. Basically because you are in your father’s or mother’s home and they sort out most of the things. If you are helping, it might just be an electric bill or a water bill but you have no idea how expensive it is to buy food, make sure there is gas and when you get home, you find that your mum’s help has put aside some food for you. Just try juggling some of this things on your own and in your own house; you will not even have enough time to party Friday to Sunday and still have an outfit for work the following Monday. Most times if you are a newbie, you will forget to pay a bill here and there and get a surprise when you get home.

Living alone is the reality check that most women need before going to live with a man. You will learn self-sufficiency without having to haggle with someone every time there is something that needs to be sorted out.

Talk to the man you are planning to marry

Not the fake talking that you do to convince someone you are not a nagging harridan, but really talking. Tiptoeing around key issues before getting married is the reason most people face a lot of problems in the first two years of the relationship before giving up on it until it becomes a problem. You lie to yourself that you will deal with the money issue later when you settle in. You do not want to have key health check-ups because the Holy Grail is going to anoint you and you will not have infertility problems or genotype problems. You just don’t want to destabilize the façade the both of you are betting on. You will have no one to blame other than yourselves when these things create a problem for you guys. Most of the health issues that kids face could have been avoided if only parents were willing to take things head on.

Management of your money

This is sort of related to the first issue-living on your own. Management of money by most women is overlooked because they know when they fall back; the man is going to sort it out for them. It creates a problem when the man did not want to be a baby sitter but wanted a partner. Knowing what is relevant to buy and what you can do without. Knowing what needs sorting first before everything else comes in and just knowing when it is not necessary to spend. Just knowing it is not necessary to have to go out or somewhere every weekend; there is nothing wrong with spending four weekends in a row at home. Learning management of your money will help you when you move in with someone because you will be independent of them which is sort of sexy when someone wants you but does not need you.