Simple Laundry Hygiene


– Some hygiene that we should practice when doing our laundry.

– Staying healthy and clean.

When we talk about staying safe and healthy, there are many things that we need to consider. Staying healthy goes beyond what we eat or what we do not eat.

Although, it is a known fact that diet plays an important role in our health there are many other things or practices that we need to carry out.

One of these is laundry hygiene. A lot of us are already familiar with mouth hygiene, eye care nose care, foot hygiene and many others.

The way we do our laundry is also important. Washing your clothes is central to this. Here are some tips to laundry hygiene;

1. Wash your clothes regularly

It is actually a bad idea to wait till you have dirt on your clothes or to wait till they are visibly dirty before you wash them. You need to wash your clothes regularly.

When we wear clothes, we tend to sweat on the clothes and we should not just keep them in our wardrobes till another occasion, before keeping them, wash and dry them.

Tips to laundry hygiene.

Washing clothes help you to get rid of germs especially the ones that come with our sweats and other germs that we do not know of.

2. Dry them.

After washing your clothes, the next step is to dry them. You can either sun dry them or keep them in a cool place where there is no exposure to sunlight to dry. This actually depends on the type of clothes you wash.

3. Iron your clothes.

After drying them, it is better to iron the clothes before arranging them in the wardrobe, this even makes you become more orderly.

4. Also, there is need to spread your clothes appropriately. It is better to spread them on the clothes line rather than spreading them on the lawn so as to avoid germs penetrating into them.

Practice a good laundry hygiene, plan your laundry and avoid being dirty.