How To Know That You Have A Broken collarbone


– Symptoms of broken collarbones.

– Basic means of treating it.

A collar bone is a bone joining the shoulder and the breastbone. We can also refer to it as the ‘clavicle’ (the prominent bone at the top of the chest between the shoulder and the neck).

One cannot undermine the importance of a collarbone, it helps to ensure that both the shoulder and the neck are at their right locations.

It also serves as the connective bone between these other two bones. When the collarbone breaks, then there will be a pain in the region and the neck and the shoulder will also suffer.

A broken collarbone is a common injury, it occurs to both children and teenagers (young adults), it happens to adults as well but it is occasional.

Also, it is important that whenever you break your collarbone or when you have a collarbone fracture, seek medical help, do not leave it without treating it immediately.

The common causes of a broken collarbone include the following;

1. Falls that affect the shoulder or the neck.

2. Accidents, home accident, car accident, motorcycle or bike accident, etc can also cause. Injuries from these accidents, especially on the shoulder or outstretched hand.

Causes of a broken collar bone.

3. Sports injuries.

4. Also, some infants experience a breakage in their collarbone during the birth process, or as a result of birth injury, a child procures when passing through the birth canal.

5. Also, when you mount pressure on the shoulder extremely, it can cause it, although, in rare occasions.

When the collarbone breaks, the following are the symptoms that will accompany it;

Mild or severe pain in the shoulder or neck, swelling of the shoulder can also occur, difficult to move the shoulder, a stiffness of the shoulder may also occur.

Whenever you notice any of the symptoms, go to a hospital to see a doctor who specializes in treating injuries of the bones and joints.