Aproko! 5 Reasons To Avoid Gossip

5 Reasons To Avoid Gossip

Aproko! 5 Reasons To Avoid Gossip

For those who are honest, they’ll admit that they’ve been in gossip in a number of times. For the sanctimonious and dishonest, the truth is that even if you’ve never started a rumour or initiated gossip about anyone, the truth is most people have at least listen to gossip about others and have even helped to spread it by telling others the stories they’ve heard.

While some people engage in gossip out of bad intentions of jealousy and other voyeuristic tendencies, many others simply do so out of curiosity or a need to get in on the latest gist. A lot of people think that gossip harmless and this is why they continue to engage in it.

The truth, however, is that gossip is harmful and on many occasions, it has done serious and irreparable damage to people’s lives, families and reputations.

Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid gossip

It’s probably not true

Most times, the information being passed on in gossip are lies and half-truths. If you consider the negative effects that these stories on have on those who are subject of these stories, you know that it’s very terrible to participate in spreading inaccurate stories about them.

It could lose you precious friends

Listening to or spreading rumours about your friends could ruin your friendship; if you are true friend, then you should never be found doing that.

Apart from this, you could lose some of your best friends if they know you to be someone who likes to gossip. The reasoning of often that if you can gossip about others so carelessly, it would only be a matter of time before you do it to them.

You could be ruining someone’s life

Remember that gossip is often mixed in with a lot of lies, exaggerations and unverifiable information. While you may think that it’s not a big deal, it is very hard for those who are victims of gossip and rumours to undo those stories and impressions they create about them. Sometimes you could be helping to spread confidential information that is not meant for public consumption.

Spreading gossip could literally ruin a person’s life; destroy their business, destroy their family, make into villains that that they are not. It could even make them depressed and suicidal. Remember that the next time you listen to or spread gossip – you could be killing someone. Do you want blood on your hands?

It really is none of your business

Someone cheated on their spouse, your neighbour’s in debt, you think your church member’s marriage is in trouble. Is it really any of your business? Why are you interested in something that really doesn’t concern you? Does your gossiping help to solve these problems in any way? Can you say those things you say behind these people to their face? Why can’t you just mind your business?

If you’re really concerned, do something that might actually help and not gossip!

It could be you

Whatever you do, always consider if you would find it agreeable if you were on the receiving end of it. Would you find those rumours as interesting or as amusing or as funny, if you were the subject of those stories? Would it be fine with you, if people kept stories that were damaging and untrue about you?

Remember the good book says, “ Do unto others……”