Some Potential Side Effects Of Raw Garlic


– Some side effects of garlic that you should know.

– Dangers pf taking raw garlic.

Garlic is an herb that people grow or plant around the world. Garlic is similar to chives, leeks and onions.

There are many health benefits that we can derive from the consumption of garlic. It can be used as a treatment for many health conditions.

Also, garlic is useful in the treatment of conditions that relate to the heart and the blood.

We can eat garlic in different forms, some people blend it with their pepper and tomatoes and thereby use it as stew, some people also eat it raw, while some use it as an ingredient in some delicacies.

Eating raw garlic, in particular, has some dark sides, In fact, some individuals are allergic to its smell, that is why they can not take garlic especially in its raw form.

There are vital nutrients that garlic contains, this is why they benefit the health in a great number of ways.

However, despite the usefulness and benefits of garlic, they have some dark sides, the side effects of eating garlic, especially the raw ones include;

1. Eat raw garlic can contribute to a bad breath and this can be quite embarrassing. The odor of garlic lingers in the mouth, even long after brushing it.

Side effects of garlic.

2. One of the side effects of garlic is that it induces sweating and this can thereby cause excessive sweating.

3. Also, if an individual eats garlic when he has not eaten any food, it can lead to dysentery or diarrhea.

4. Eating garlic in an excessive manner can also reduce or lower blood pressure in a drastic way and this can be dangerous.

5. Also, when you eat raw garlic, it can cause nausea, heartburn, and vomiting.

To get the benefits of garlic and not the side effects, one should take note of certain components that are present in garlic and one should also consume then the right way.

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