[Opinion] Linda Ikeji and #DasukiGate: As a Concerned Citizen

Linda Ikeji office
Linda Ikeji office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Source: instagram.com/lindaikeji


Last week, news headlines started making the rounds that a “popular female blogger received N240 million from #DasukiGate” (this news people sef, with some of their headlines, you just know they’re just looking to cause trouble) and many people seemed to automatically choose Ms. Linda Ikeji as the most suitable candidate fitting that profile (I won’t lie, that is the first person I thought of too oo).

But while I was still pondering (without jumping to any conclusions oo) ?who this could be and how it could have happened, some other people had already decided that it was Sister Linda and they had already brought out their forks and knives, on twitter, nairaland and whatnot, ?to feast on and eat this sister alive oo. They even started to confuse me too (and many others, i’m sure) because some of them were media people and so I thought they have received some authoritative evidence linking Sister Linda to the whole matter.

Long story cut short, Sister Linda came out to defend herself and the story itself ended up as nothing but an unsubstantiated story about an unknown blogger being named in #DasukiGate and we still don’t know who the blogger is or if the story is true sef.

However my own issue with this whole matter is that Sister Linda is someone whose hustle i’m trying to learn from and when people begin carry unsubstantiated rumours about her, I don’t like it. She has been an inspiration that if I work hard at whatever i’m doing, I will eventually get to the top of my game (even if it is not online blogging and amebo). So when people just start peddling stories that taint other people’s hustle, they need to know that they’re also trying to deflate the inspiration that these people provide to some people who admire them.

Don’t get me wrong, I?m not saying people involved in wrongdoing of any kind should be allowed to get away with it simply because somebody is looking up to them, no. I’m saying be absolutely certain about ?that information you’re passing about a person that it is true especially when it has the capacity to tarnish such a person’s image. We certainly shouldn’t let people get away with presenting fraudulent images of themselves but in the same vein attempts to paint people as frauds without evidence should not be looked upon lightly.

So to all those who relate voyeuristically to Linda Ikeji and her success (I don’t want to say haters because some of them are not, they’re just wondering if it’s all too good to be true), please take it easy ehn. Because as far as I know, (and you too because if you knew something we would have known) and until it is proven otherwise, Sister Linda is holding it down and her hustle is “ginger-ing” me.

Please keep all those theories (I have a few of mine too) about how you think she made it and bought that banana Island property (don’t worry, I know it’s been on your mind) to your bedroom and your backyard where it can’t become a news headline misleading the public. Then, at least, it’s just in d realm of amebo and I don’t think Sister Linda herself will be mad at a little amebo here and there.