7 Questions you should never ask in a Job Interview

7 Questions you should never ask in a Job Interview7 Questions you should never ask in a Job Interview
Is it a secret that job interviews can be nerve wracking? Yes!. In the heat of the moment it’s easy to get lost for words, or worse, find yourself asking questions that might get you struck off the potentials list. Here are the top 7 questions to avoid.

1. Not asking questions at all

This is your chance to prove you have an in-depth knowledge of the company, and that you’re intelligent, insightful and well-prepared. Failure to ask any questions is not only a wasted opportunity, but it can make you look unprepared and lacking in confidence.

2. Will I have to work long hours?

Simply implies that you’re a clock-watcher and more into getting a pay cheque than the role itself.

3. Do you have a flexible work schedule?

Unless they bring it up (or have already mentioned it in the job description), asking to work from home, or if you can work flex hours, is a discussion better left for when you’re actually offered the job.

4. Will I get my own office?

Sure it would be nice to know, but does it really matter? Will it affect whether or not you take the job? If the answer is no, don’t ask.

5. What does your company do?

You should have researched the answer to this question before you sent in your application and have tailored your resume and your interview responses to suit the answer.

6. When can I get promoted?

You may believe this makes you sound ambitious, but all the interviewer hears is that you think you’re too good for this role and you already have your eye on something better.

7. Do you monitor employee social networking?

Privacy may be a major issue, but most companies do have at least some level of social network monitoring to uphold their own reputation. Asking the question suggests you may have something to hide.

Never forget that:

Its necessary for you to know what the company does and specializes in.
Try avoid being needy or confrontational
And for you not asking questions is very disastrous… Success in your next job interview and findings.. Remember to use this tips and come commenting with your testimony…#winks