Starting a Profitable Web Hosting Business

Starting a Profitable Web Hosting Business
Starting a Profitable Web Hosting Business

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Are an unemployed or under-employed graduate looking a means of survival in Nigeria? With the level of economic hardship and how difficult it is to get a job, this might be a good way out for you. Read more below;

Choose a hosting platform with WHM Access

There are two types of web hosting platform (windows and Linux). For Linux platform, it is the most popular form of server use in the internet because it affordable, flexible and fairly easy to manage and understand. It supports, PHP, MYSQL and more

Buy any reseller hosting package from a reliable hosting provider

Starting a web hosting business require a lot of passion and dedication. Choose a reliable hosting provider that have 100 customer service because they determine your success and growth in this industry.

Find out more about our different reseller web hosting plans here

Whm / Reseller hosting

Master Reseller hosting

Alpha master Reseller


Set up your hosting package plans along with price

Setting package and price for Reseller and Shared hosting is only determine by what you need, you have access to set any price for your plan because we want you to also make profit for your hosting business.

Set up your business website

Design a professional and easy looking site for your hosting business, site with complex functionality will get customer confuse and drive away customer from platform. Please try and make your easy and stand forward.

Install a client billing system on your hosting site

Client Billing system such as WHMCS and BOXBILLING perform complex task such as checking and registering of domain name, ordering process, and generating due invoice. Some client billing system are free while other are paid.

Install a Chat help desk on your site

Chat room on hosting site make your believe and trust your hosting service

Advertise your Hosting business

Marketing and advertising your hosting business give you access to more client, the best advertising strategy use in hosting business are

Social media marketing (Facebook and twitter)

SEO (ranking on google first page)

Paid advertising especially on Google

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