5 Important reasons why family bonds are destroyed

                      5 Important reasons why family bonds are destroyed


5 Important reasons why family bonds are destroyed
Family bond

Every family is usually a unit of people bound primarily by blood, consisting of groups of parents and children all living together in a household.

However, blood alone is not usually strong enough to keep the link between families. There is always an expected level of protection, faithfulness, love, loyalty and other phenomena that keep the bond strong and indestructible.

Sadly, the cord that links families is often broken by certain things.

Listed below are the five of those things:

Failure to apologize

Being a close-knit unit of people, the tendency of offending one another is very high. Many families break down as a result of members refusing to acknowledge that they are wrong, and refusing to apologize.

This situation is quite baffling, when you consider how easy it really is to actually say sorry.

To keep your family together, every member should be ready and willing to accept responsibility for their wrongdoing and apologize when they offend other members.

Lack of inclusion

Just as in every social gathering, inclusion is necessary to keep family ties mas strong as ever, and lack of it has terrible consequences.

Every family should be invited to family functions, so as not to create a mentality that ‘only so and so matters in the family, others are not worth much’

Even if the family members have an attitude of not showing up despite several invitations, please ask them anyway.

The goal is to foster unity and promote love and oneness, so include all members in family gatherings and functions.

Failure to accept differences

Not all children who grow up in the same home with the same parents, same discipline, and same guidance turn out to be the same as adults.

It is normal to be different. That you are family doesn’t mean everyone of you have to share the same political views or even the same religion.

The issue of choosing a different religion or more controversially, being of a different sexual inclination, is really one that is very debatable.

Yes, you might not agree with some of the things some family members do, or what they turn out to be; but the truth is, everyone needs a measure of acceptance, especially from people they regard as their own.

To keep the family together, you might want to be less judgemental of family members that do not ‘conform’ to general family norms.

Love and acceptance starts in the family. If a family is not providing this to one another, then they are fundamentally failing as a family.

Insults and abusive words

Without even mincing words, negative, abusive statements damage the core of family relationships. Some family members say things casually and think because they were said in jest, the words will do no damage. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The truth is that such words hurt, however they are said and it often takes time and positive interactions to rectify the damage caused by hurtful words, especially when they are said repeatedly over time and have caused a lot of emotional distress to one or more members of the family.

Lies and deceit

When there are lies and falsity amongst family members, such family will eventually end in ruin.

It is a general knowledge that though it  may take years or even a generation for the lies and deceit to become known, but know that they will come to light someday.

It is  important to ensure that honesty and transparency is practiced amongst family members, from the little ones to the old members of the family.

If you can’t be honest with your family, who can you be honest with?

Without this, family ties will be strained, and with time, break asunder. Start now to bring your family closer cause “Family is all we’ve got”…