#LifeStyle: Ladies, How To Gain His Attention

Now ladies, this is how to get him

Stick with it. Even if you aren?t in the mood at first, give foreplay a chance. Before you know it, you will likely find that you actually are in the mood. Don?t write off sex as a matter of course ? be open to it, even on those days when you aren?t feeling 100 percent. You might be surprised at how quickly that all changes.

Learn about your body. Your partner can?t pleasure you if you don?t even know how to pleasure yourself. Get a handheld mirror, check out your own anatomy, and become acquainted with female hotspots, such as the clitoris and G-spot. Then, you can guide your partner there easily in the heat of the moment.

Speak up. Tell your partner if you desire more foreplay, more pressure, less tongue, etc. He?s not a mind reader, but chances are you?ll only have to tell him once what you crave?after that, he?ll remember how to pleasure you just right.

Take charge of your own sexual pleasure. You can?t expect to just lie there and make your partner do all the work. Most women do not orgasm from intercourse alone, so take the initiative and stimulate yourself manually, or use a small vibrator during intercourse.

Don?t give up on pleasuring your partner. Men love oral sex, that?s a fact. Don?t hold out on him! If your jaw or neck starts to hurt, mix it up with a little manual sex along the way. Remember, you have to give a little if you want to get a little!