#LifeStyle: Guys, How To Gain Her Attention

Ladies attention can be hard to get, trying these few tips really helps


Your timing and your partner?s timing might be drastically different. If men are microwaves, women are slow-burning stoves. While men can be aroused and orgasmic in 5 to 10 minutes, women can require up to 20 minutes. Keep this in mind when you are with your partner. Just because you?re revved up and ready to go doesn?t mean that she?s so eager to breeze through intercourse.

Remember that all women are not created equal. Even if your last partner enjoyed your ?signature? oral maneuver, your current partner might not. Tune into her body language for clues, including her breathing, moaning, etc., to see if she?s really enjoying what you?re doing. And don?t be afraid to ask her ? sometimes women need a little nudge when it comes to admitting what they want.

Don?t forget to speak up yourself! For example, if you want your partner to use a firmer touch, tell her?or better yet, show her. She can learn a lot about what you like from watching you pleasure yourself.

Compliment her. Every woman loves feeling attractive, but it is absolutely essential in bed. Let her know how sexy she is and how beautiful her body is. The more you build her up, the more confident she will be, and the more she will crave sex.

Make an effort to be romantic. Yes, it sounds so clich?, but women really do love the little things. Flowers, candy, and a nice bottle of wine are timeless, but there are other, more original things you can do, such as making sure the house is clean before she comes home from a long day at work, cooking her a special meal, or giving her a slow backrub, no strings attached.