How to Turn on her Wild Side

Have you ever wished your girl could bring out her wild side in bed, like the way that hot woman of your dreams does? Here’s how you can coax that wild cat out of your woman!

You dream of her. Her thoughts burn you inside out. You wish your girl could be like that sizzling minx you see on the telly all the time. Dirty, naughty and totally fatal. Unleash your girl’s wild side with these moves.

Make her feel Gorgeous

Compliment the way she looks when the both of you go out. Tell her how much she turns you on. Place your hand on her lower back, and tell her how badly you want to run your hands all over her. Make her feel seductive when she’s out and she will reciprocate in bed.

Dirty Talk

Imagine her doing something wild, and tell her all about it. Let her feel confident that she can do it. Talk about good she’d look pole dancing for you. Let her feel confident about her body and she’ll satisfy your deepest desires!

Let her Naughty Wishes be your Command

If she’s joked about being blindfolded, or about making out in the wilderness, do something like that. If she wants to join the mile high club, then book a plane or manage it in first class! Let her overcome all her fears and you will see how uninhibited she will be when the both of you are at it.

Remind her about the Time

Call her every now and then from work, and tell her that you’re waiting to get home and ravage her! Call her and say something like “Only three hours before I take you with your clothes on!”…

Pamper her with naughty compliments, and she will love you for it. And she will unleash her seductive side to you.

Go on, prepare yourself for a night of wild passion, just like you’ve always wanted. With your naughty minx of a girl.