Basic Things You NEED to Understand about Women

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Are you having trouble understanding your girlfriend, or women in general? Well, we’re seriously not that hard to figure out, say the women at Lovepanky, and point you out to a few things you should know.

Make some plans

We do understand that men can be short sighted when it comes to thinking ahead, but at least try helping us while making plans. Don’t just blink while looking at us, and tell us to make all the plans. Even if you’re not the greatest maker of plans in the world, every effort from your end is something we’d love and appreciate. Don’t make us look like the social secretary of the relationship.

We definitely love some control in these areas, especially at times when you make plans to take your woman to the pool parlor nearby, but on the overall, we feel pampered and taken care of if the men make the plans, especially if it’s a surprise.

So the next time you sit down with your woman, don’t assume that saying, “Anywhere you want to go, darling” is going to flatter us and make us feel special. It could actually put us off. There’s no pressure on you to come up with an ingenious idea each time you go out, but a little effort to help out would be really nice.

Give us time to jump in

We women have never been able to understand this emotion about you guys. You propose to us, and expect us to jump right in and say a resounding yes! Or if you’ve just started seeing a woman, you want her to jump into the sheets after three dates, or you think something’s terribly wrong in your relationship.

Some women just want more time than others, so please try understanding that if things don’t work out just the way your female wooing mentor had predicted, there’s nothing wrong in that. We need space and time, and that extra bit of trust in you before we can open up to you, emotionally or otherwise. If we’re hanging back or holding on, that doesn’t mean we’re putting up our price or playing games with you, it just means we’re still figuring out how we feel about you. And that still doesn’t mean we don’t like you. We’re just biding time until we can understand how we feel about you. Or we may be too busy at work, just like you guys always are.

Don’t cuddle us when we’re angry

This is something that most guys have no idea about! When we’re mad at you, don’t try to molest us with hugs and cheeky grins. At that moment we actually want to kick and punch you. Probably even claw your face and hurt you! If we’re pissed off about something, don’t try to calm us and plaster our rage with smooches and “you look so cute when you’re angry” statements!

This will only piss us off a lot more. We’re angry with you for a reason, and when you try pretending like it’s all a big joke, it’s obviously going to make us all the more angry. This is probably why an experienced man wears a frying pan as a helmet while approaching an angry wife! But seriously, if you want to please us or help us overcome our anger, let us be mad. Even fighting back, as long as it’s verbal and on the calmer side, can help us fizz the anger out of our head, and calm us down.