LifeStyle: How To Effectively Handle Betrayal

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These simple tips will assist you in handling betrayal in relationships, businesses and other area of life.

How to deal with betrayal
? Acknowledge it instead of denying it and pushing it under the carpet.
? Don?t blame yourself and think that it?s your fault.
? Admit it to yourself and gear up to express your feelings.
? Demand an explanation from your partner and be prepared to face the reasoning.
? Don?t hesitate to get professional help.
? You may be the one who was betrayed but be ready to take responsibility for issues from your side, which might have lead to the betrayal.
? If there is no solution in sight, be ready to let go.
? If you are the one who has betrayed, talk it out with your partner and apologise for your actions and the pain caused.
? After the showdown, if you still need to express feelings of rage, anger, unhappiness, emptiness or guilt, continue with your counselling sessions till you are fully ready to move on.

If you have been betrayed, be ready to handle these emotions

? Shock
? Denial
? Anger
? Sadness
? Anxiety
? Physical tiredness
? Depression
? Lack of self-worth