Guys, Top Reasons You Should Stop Carrying ‘Olosho’

prostitutes 9jastreetOlosho is the modern brand name for prostitutes is south-western Nigeria. The word Olosho is used by top Nigerian music stars to represent prostitute in their lyrics. Prostitution has been the source of relaxation and enjoyment for men since the bible era. This sinful act is fun until you start experiencing the other side of it. Some of the reasons why you should stop this sinful act are discussed below;

(1) It is a Sin: Whether you are christian or Muslim. S*x is regarded as a sin except if you are having it with your legally married wife. Adultery is a sin too and towing that line is an act of disobedience against God which could attract His wrath.

(2) You are prone to STDs: Some people will even go to an extent of not using cond*m. This exposes them to the high risk of sexually transmitted ailments like syphilis, gonorrhea and even the deadly HIV/AIDS amongst others.

(3) Wasteful spending: Why spending thousands on prostitute when you have wife at home? Use this money on your wife and even your kids. If you keep your wife in good shape, trust me any prostitute won?t attract you.

(4) Spiritual Problem : You hardly know the prostitute you get involved with. Some spiritualists believe some spiritual forces are transferred through s*xual intercourse and as a result of this, several potential great men have been robbed of their destinies.

(5) Marriage collapse : Save your kid?s future.How will your children or wife feel when they learnt you are visiting a brothel? This could break the home and dent the image of the family head in the public.

(6) Security issues: Brothels are constantly raided by police officers in Nigeria either for illegal remuneration intentions or to arrest miscreants who use those special joints as hide-outs for fun or business. This is dangerous for any gentleman.