10 amazing but true signs your spouse is cheating

10 amazing but true signs your spouse is cheating..

10 amazing but true signs your spouse is cheating
10 amazing but true signs your spouse is cheating

Are worried about the fact that your spouse is being unfaithful? Well, worry no more and read below the 10 signs that i have improvised to look out for..

In the past few years, i have watched so many marriages been torn apart because of nothing other than infidelity. It’s heart wrenching to be a witness having beloved friends having to live their worst nightmare as they discover their spouse has been selfish and unfaithful. I would never wish it on anyone. Because of this, I have used these awful experiences to collect advice and tips on how to catch a cheater before it is too late in hopes that it may help someone in the future.

Below are 10 of the most common signs that your spouse is cheating:

1. Increase in social activities

Always take note, when your spouse all of a sudden starts attending more social gatherings alone. A guys’ night out or a business party this days are commonly used cover-ups.

2. Cellphone habits

An healthy relationship is one which is an open one. When your spouse answers the phone, immediately moves to a room where you cannot overhear the conversation, watch out. Unless they are planning a surprise birthday party for you, your spouse should feel comfortable talking to anyone on the phone in front of you.

3. Decreased or increased desire for intimacy

In most cases the desire for intimacy may be on a decrease since the cheater is already getting their pleasure outside the home. However, there is also the possibility that his or her interest in having an intimacy may increase, because of feelings of guilt.

4. Cleared history

The biggest sign that someone is unfaithful is when you find their computer or phone history cleared regularly. Though your spouse might be doing this for security reasons, it is more likely that they are trying to “cover their tracks.”

5. Increase in gifts

Spouses who are being unfaithful will often try to cover their guilt with splurges of gifts. If you are surprised by the sudden amount of attention and gifts your spouse is giving you, you might want find out what the motive behind them is.

6. Increase the extra costs

If it seems you are a little tighter on money at the end of the month than normal, look at where your extra money is going. Cheaters will often take out cash to make it more difficult to track where they have spent the money.

7. Physical appearance

Be careful not to jump to conclusions with this one. Your spouse’s newfound desire to be more physically attractive might be a result of trying to look more professional for work, or maybe they are just trying to catch your eye. However, if you have noticed any of the other signs on this list, you may have a problem. When seeking a new relationship or adventure, people usually take extra care in managing their outward appearance.

8. Frequent change of passwords

If you notice your spouse changing their email, cell phone, computer or social media passwords more than usual, chances are they are trying to hide something.

9. Blame you for everything

No matter if something happened at work or away from home, they find a way to blame you and make you feel lousy.

10. Social media profiles

If a spouse is unfaithful, they will most likely make their social media profiles look very “single.” Updating their profile picture to a solo shot or a picture with friends and hiding photos of you as a couple should be a big red flag. Also take notice if there is an obvious increase in the amount of time your spouse spends on social networks each day.

If you find four or more of these signs in your life, something strange is happening. It doesn’t guarantee that your spouse is caught up in an affair, but they are the beginning steps towards infidelity. Be careful to avoid outright accusing them of being unfaithful. Instead, talk to them and try to understand what is going on. If there is a problem, try your best to work through it with your spouse, forgive their mistakes and save your marriage.