#LifeStyle: 9 Things To Say To Your Partner On Bad Days

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No matter how close you are to your partner, getting close to him/her on bad days might be tough. Bad times are when your partner needs you most, you need to be there for him/her, make him/her smile and keep him/her going. The following nine tips will help.

1. I?ll never get used to your smile

You?re not only admiring her smile but you?re telling her that she keeps sweeping you off your feet again and again.

2. You?re everything I need

A bad day can make her feel inadequate pretty quickly. Let her know that she?s enough for you.

3. That looks good on you

It may sound like you?re just complimenting her jeans but by telling her they look good on her she?ll hear you say that she?s beautiful for making them look so good.

4. You?re the best decision I ever made

Make sure she knows that no matter what, you would have married her all over again.

5. You make me a better person

Tell her that even if she feels like she?s not making a difference, she?s making a difference in your life.

6. My family/friends like spending time with you

It will make her feel good to know that people you?re close to also value her and your relationship.

7. I value your opinion

Valuing her opinion shows that you respect her and rely on her advice.

8. You?re so smart

Sometimes we forget how far that compliment can go. Maybe she?s an excellent essayist, scripture scholar, or problem-solver. Let her know you value her mind.

9. I love talking to you

Communication is usually pretty important to women. She?ll appreciate that you like having conversations with her.