Guys, 4 Simple & Romantic Ways to Win Her Heart

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Every woman loves a man that is romantic and soft, that’s why you must read these interesting tips on how to win your woman’s heart using these 4 romantic tips.
Are you finding it difficult to win your woman’s heart? Read these simple and interesting tips on how to romantically wow your woman easily. Shakila Alivitsa writes in this interesting article.
1. Make Her Feel Safe
Personally, in my own experience no matter how bad the situation turned out, he would make sure that I would get wherever I am going before he also goes his own way. Once I was really having a bad date/ experience with someone and since I am not good with my lying face, I think it showed. So, he also got upset and we were both in a hurry to just end it. I assumed he would just rush off and leave me to deal with myself and find my own way. The guy was kind enough to actually get me back to wherever I was going even though we did not have a conversation the whole way. At some point I actually thought he was doing it to make sure he would not have the police come after him asking if he knew a certain lady that was killed or met some worse fate. But we do have to give credit where it is due-he made sure I was safe before he went off.

2. Show Interest in Whatever She Does or Likes
A lot of you will say that, ‘…But that is what most guys do.’ No they do not. Just ask some women who are in a relationship but the man never does anything with them. So if yours is willing to accompany you most times when you ask, especially on your errands or some event or shopping-appreciate. For some, they will switch off the phone after promising to take you.
3. Provide the Little you Have for Her
I have caught my mother and auntie so many times swearing how her man does not do anything for her. She will grumble how she does everything on her own and swear that she has educated the kids all on her own. At the same time she will send you to go ask for the money or you will be the one delivering the money to her for some necessity. She will still say he does not do anything. Thing is, you do not argue with a Kenyan mother but just nod your head even if the bill you are staring at says otherwise. Most Kenyan men try, even if it will not be to your satisfaction, some do try. It is a bonus if you do not have to chase him up and down.
4. Give, Give and Give more Gifts
He will not take you out or he will shy away from that. If he does, it is because you asked him at some point but what I know for a fact is that Kenyan men do love gift giving. At times you are even shopping and a guy will come stand next to you and bargain for something with you, for his significant other. It might be cheap, it might not be what you want but if he tries, appreciate. Some people only receive gifts once a year, maybe on a birthday or Valentines. If you are always getting shoes, and bags and what nots yet you did not buy them, appreciate. The easiest way to a woman’s heart is give her gifts, simple gifts.