Ladies, These 3 Signs Will Tell A Man You Are Desperate

These 3 Signs Will Tell A Man You Are Desperatecouple unhappy love lifestyle

It has happened many times when it comes to marriage. Some women will do everything, pull all strings just to land a man. These days, some men cannot cope with women who show their desperation to win a man’s heart. According to News24, these 3 sure signs will tell if you are desperate.
1. It might be your appearance
Apparently, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or what is important is what is inside. All very true but also, first impressions are very important and how do you get first impression? By someone’s presentation the first time you meet them or see them. If people all gave the aforementioned stuff a chance, then we would all not hide or run away when we spot some of our blind dates the very first time. So presentation is very important. When you do not take time to dress well and appropriately, you will not get approached. When you dress indecently, you will also attract someone who will have a one track mind when it comes to you. When you go for a date and you are dressed skimpily-too tight, spilling all over the wrong way, not proper fit or sheer from head to toe-then do not be surprised when they want to taste the main course.
2. You lie about your expectations
You see on those initial dates when we are saying what we want or expect obviously you do not want to chase some away.  So you decorate some stuff, keep some silent, and you hope that as they get to know you, they will change their mind about you. But just as you were not sure whether you might like someone on the first dates, so were they, so when you said some things they sort of agreed. That will change someone with good intentions to have lesser intentions as long as they know they can get away with it. If you said you do not want something serious, they will change it to that because you have created the loop/space for them to do so and get away with it. That way, if you see them with someone else, you cannot even complain but keep sticking around hoping they will come around.
3. You want to keep doing the same things but with better people in mind
As long as you keep behaving the way you do, keep having the same attitudes and not break some habits; you will keep attracting the same group of men who you have been dealing with. You might just have to stop smoking, more church and less one night stands, more reading and less partying.