Ladies, 8 Signs You’re Dating A Boy, Not A Man

Signs You’re Dating A Boy, Not A Manlifestyle couple love 9jastreet

1.)Lives at home with parents
A real man wants responsibilities. Wants to be out in the real world figuring out how life works e.g getting a job , paying bills , studying etc. a man also helps out his family long after his left his home to ease the stress on his parents.
Only a boy would carry on living with parents eating, taking their money and not contributing nothing to the household .
2.) Does not work
A man is hard working , never wants to be idle plans for his future and is very ambitious, because his working toward having a family settling down and living a comfortable life. A boy on thinks about now, lazy and has no ambition whatsoever .. Some don’t even want to study or further their education. But i bet you they are hitting clubs and down with current fashion n music…
3) Very childish
They joke alot, they take nothing serious everything they do or say is one big game or can never have a straight or mature conversation with them.
They get angry quick over little things and can be very irrational in decision making. A man would never hit a woman no matter the situation but find ways around a hostile encounter.
5.) Rejection

A man is not afraid of rejection but sees it as a learning experience to better himself or move on . A boy takes offence and acts out in a childish manner.
A man knows a good woman when he sees one , they look beyond beautiful and overall appearance and get to know a lady inside and out, they are not shy and can take risk even if it means looking silly to get the woman. A boy mostly interested in appearance they are not bothered about getting to know a woman also they find it hard to commit .
Boy tell lies alot petty ones, a man is honest and knows when to take ownership of his mistakes . A man is not afraid to apologise for wrong doings . A boy would make excuses for them.
A man has manners they are polite and treat women right . They respect your parents and family. a boy lacks manners some wont even greet your parents and they talk to women like objects .

Source: Family Parliament Forum