#LifeStyle: 5 Guides To A Better Life


Wanna live a better life? then you need to take these 5 things serious

1. Healthy living obsession?

How to make your life better? Stop healthy living obsession!?That?s not a joke. There are thousands of people out there who cannot think about anything other than whether all the ingredients of their lunch are sufficiently organic and low-carbon-print, or whether they should increase their fitness regimen by another half an hour. Obsession is decidedly not healthy, which makes things pretty ironic, doesn?t it?

2. Overeating

There?s more than one reason why many of us habitually overeat ? maybe we were taught as children to never leave any food on the plate, maybe we?re overstressed at work and eating a comfort food is the only way to cope with this, you name it. But overeating only adds to stress, just as it adds to your weight. That should be good enough reason to find an alternative way to cope with stress.

3. Substance abuse

Besides illegal drugs, which we won?t touch on here, a lot of us have felt the consequences of too much wine or too many cigarettes on more than one morning. Yes, wine is good for you but in moderation. Cigarettes are not good for you, though one wouldn?t kill you. Try sticking to a couple of drinks next time you go out, and see if a clear head the next morning is a good enough reason to quit binging.

4. Social networks

Okay, own up: how much time do you dedicate to Facebook, Twitter or some other social network every day? It?s become a sort of addiction these days for many people and addictions are by definition bad habits. Why not make an experiment: list five things that you like doing, apart from hanging out on Twitter. Can?t think of five things to do offline? Then try for three. You can be sure that these three things will be much more gratifying, than browsing through statuses and promotional posts for things you neither want nor need.

5. TV shows

There is another addiction rearing its ugly head these days, and its name should be ?TV show binging?. There are so many shows to choose from it?s somehow become impossible to not watch any. And then you start adding more and more to your watch-list, until that?s all you can think about. And you start taking it all very personally (do you know how many anti-Steven Moffat clubs are there?) Once again: think moderation.