#Lifestyle: Few Tips On Raising Your IQ

These few tips will help in raising your IQ


1. Improve your relational skills

Psychologists have also discovered that there is a strong correlation between relational skills and IQ scores (O?Hora, Pelaez & Barnes-Holmes; 2005, O?Toole &?Barnes-Holmes;2009, Cassidy, Roche & Hayes; 2011, Roche, Cassidy & Stewart; 2013). ?Importantly, we also know that relational skills can be taught. ?So improving your relational skills will in turn increase your IQ score. ?Relational skills are simply the understanding of a handful of mathematical relationships between concepts or objects such as things are the same as other things, more or less than other things, opposite to other things, and so on. ?They also include relationships like before and after or that one thing is contained by another. ?Moreover, having a strong handle on the relationships between and among other things has been shown to enhance thinking and problem solving skills. In fact, these relational skills are now being called the building blocks of intelligence by psychologists in the field of?Relational Frame Theory.

2. Enrich your language

It is commonly accepted that coming from a language rich environment will increase a person?s intellectual acumen. ?But I?ll bet you didn?t know that for those that do not come from such an environment, you can read widely to increase your vocabulary and make up for that ?deficit? in your natural environment. ?Research indicates that having a strong understanding of language will help you with many cognitive tasks and indeed with everyday life. Increasing your vocabulary by reading will increase your understanding of language in a more general sense. Also, keep a good dictionary. When you come across words that you do not know or are not familiar with,?don?t be afraid to ?look it up?.

3. Eat healthy food and get regular vigorous exercise

It might seem like every self help guru today is telling us to exercise and eat right. ?But did you know that this advice is now widely supported by scientific research?? Indeed there is an ever growing body of evidence suggesting that people who have healthy diets and those that engage in regular vigorous exercise have higher IQ scores and better memories. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine have recently published that physical activity is highly beneficial for brain health and cognition (2013). There are also many specific foods that play a role in having a healthy diet and will in turn raise IQ. ?For example, scientists know that vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, some berries and the omega 3 oils found in oily fish improve memory and overall brain functioning (Roche, 2014) as do green teas and protein in general. ?Protein contains high levels of amino acids, such as tyrosine, which in turn causes neurons to produce the very important neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, which are associated with mental alertness. ?(see, Roche, 2014 for more). ?Diet and exercise are not just important for the health of your body. They are also vital?for the health of your brain.

4. Appeal to the experts

Sometimes you cannot find the answers to the questions in your mind on the Internet or from reference books, When that happens, it?s time to ask the experts. ?Just make sure that the experts you are asking are actually informed and knowledgeable sources. ?There is a great deal of information out there that is simply incorrect, so always look for scientific evidence backing up any ?facts?.

5. Have a growth mindset

It is a relatively recent discovery that your mindset matters not just on an emotional level, but also on a physiological level. ?Believing that you can learn more will enhance your performance in any learning environment. Persisting with tasks even when they?are difficult will help you to get to the finish line.