6 Ways To Show True Love To Your Partner

Happy couple- 9jastreet.com

Most people love but don’t know how to show it. Showing love could be very difficult but trying these few tips might help.

  • Touch Him/Her?? prefer your spouse, sit next to them, hold hands, hug, touch them as you walk by, make love, snuggle, take a bath together or take dance lessons.? Do anything that requires a certain amount of touch.
  • Spend time with them ? find common interests, make dates, travel together, minister together, pray and study together, shop together or go for walks.
  • Talk to them ? say something nice or kind, make a point of sharing your day, learn something new every day and share it, compliment them, read to each other, verbally encourage them in pursuing their dreams and say ?I love you? a lot.
  • Do something for them ? polish their shoes, pick up after the children (even if it?s not your job) or change a diaper.? Look for something practical to do that will bless your spouse.
  • Share Gifts ? it might be something practical that they need or something foolish and romantic ? a book, a handful of flowers, a mushy note or card (or a silly one, or a sexy one). Paul bought me a grease screen on our 1-month anniversary and I loved him for it! (yes, I?m the practical one)
  • Be a good Listener – When they need attention especially when they need to talk to someone, be that person, listen, don’t always talk but be a good listen, this really helps.