Ladies: 3 Things men finds attractive in you that you don’t know about

Ladies: 3 Things men finds attractive in you that you don’t know about

3 Things men finds attractive in women that you don't know about

Yes! Men would always like what they like and to be honest, it’s really hard to change a man, plus when his mind is certain about it, he’d give it a shot and go for it. Being who he is, is just perfect for him. Instead, they don’t fail to try to change a woman into being what they think is best for them.

Its no doubt that some women will never stop wondering why after three to five, seven years of dating a man, yet he hasn’t proposed yet or why a man at 37 to 40 or 45 is still single and perhaps not even searching. Maybe they haven’t found that “ATTRACTIVE” woman!

Okay, below are three things men find super attractive about women and they have nothing to do with physical intercourse.

1. Confidence

Men love women who are confident about who they are and how they carry themselves with an air of mystery. They love women who know how to dress, talk and behave  to match their confidentiality. The energy she gives off kind off turn them on.

2. Eloquence

Men love women who can not only talk well but have the ability to hold engaging conversation. Even stylish men get bored with women who spend an entire dinner talking about fashion or shopping. When a woman is versatile, smart and captivating with her chats, men will trip!

3. Positive Attitude

Men always want to be around women with amazing attitudes and positive vibe. Women who are respectful, polite, slow to anger and have a warm disposition attract men faster than those who nag or hold on to angry like their lives depend on it.