The Importance Of Collagen To The Health


– Reasons that make the consumption of collagen essential to the health.

– Why you need collagen in your body.

A collagen refers to a protein that also contains a covalent bond (chemical bond) of carbohydrates that forms fibers that are usually found in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue.

We can find collagen in the blood vessels, the muscles, the tendons, the bones, the skin, the digestive organ and in other vital places in the body.

It is also the major component that is helpful in the forming of the ligaments, the tendons, muscles as well as the cartilage of the body.

A collagen is also the most abundant protein in our bodies. We can derive this important nutrient through the food we eat, this is why the type of diet we eat is essential.

You can also take collagen in form of capsules. Collagen capsules are available and they help to maintain the body’s repair process.

Benefits of collagen.

Foods that are high in protein are the major sources of collagen, they include; fish, eggs, chicken, beef, and many others.

Often, those that are allergic to these foods take collagen capsules.

The importance of collagen to the health are numerous. Some of these benefits include the following;

1. One of the importance of collagen that is vital to the health is the body repair process. It helps to repair or build the connective tissues of the body.

2. Collagen helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body. It helps to strengthen the blood vessels and improve their elasticity.

3. It also helps to fight degeneration of the bones, muscles, tendons, and cartilages. Degeneration causes quick aging, so collagen regenerates the body organs to help us stay fit and younger.

4. Also, it relieves the pain of Arthritis, it reduces joint pains as well.

5. Collagen is good for the hair, nail, and teeth as well as the skin.

6. It also improves cardiovascular health and liver health.