Bursitis: Causes And Symptoms And Treatments


– Some of the risk factors of bursitis.

– How to treat this condition whenever you have it.

Bursitis is common in the shoulder, hip, elbow, and knee. It refers to the inflammation of the bursa, a small fluid-filled sac that is at the point where a muscle or tendon slides across the bone.

When there is an inflammation in any part of the body, there will be a congestion of the blood vessels with obstruction of the blood current, there will also be a growth of morbid tissue.

Also, an inflammation of any part of the body comes with redness, a swelling of the part which is always with heat and pain.

When bursitis occurs, aside from the inflammation that occurs, there will also be an irritation of the bursa.


The causes or the risk factors of bursitis include the following;

1. An injury can cause the inflammation of the bursa. Any impact on the area resulting from a sudden and serious injury is also another cause.

2. Also, a rigorous movement which is carried out repetitively can cause this condition.

3. Age is also another risk factor. For young people, there will be no much challenge on the tendons because they are still firm and they can tolerate stress to an extent.

However, as the tendons age, they are unable to tolerate much stress, they become less elastic, and they are also easier to tear.

4. Dislocation of fracture in the bone or joint can also cause it.

5. Certain infections and health complications are also risk factors.

Also, when an individual is suffering from this inflammation or irritation of the bursa, the following are the major symptoms that accompany it;

  • Tenderness.
  • Pain and discomfort in the affected area.
  • Inflammation and swelling are also symptoms.

Ways to treat bursitis include, resting the area, you can use over-the-counter inflammatory medicines to reduce the inflammation, you can also place an ice pack on it.


The use of pain relief medications also helps to reduce its symptoms. Also, avoid stressing and physical activities that can make it worse.