Effects Of Using Pesticides


– Benefits of the use of pesticides.

– Side effects of pesticides.

A pesticide is a chemical that we use for killing of pests. Pests are insects or animals that destroy food, plants, fruits, etc.

Pesticides help the farmers to get rid of animals that restroy their farm produce. There are different types of pesticide and they serve differnt functions.

Also each pesticide comes with a design of how to be used and where to be used, that is, there are some that you cant spary on food crops while there are some that you must not apply in waters.

Despite the fact that there are lots of benefits of using these chemicals, there are also the dark sides of their use.

Misuse of chemicals can also be fatal to plants, wildlife as well the the humans in the environment.

Advantages of using pesticides include:

1. A pesticide is effective in getting rid of pests that destroy plants.

2. The use of pesticides brings about a greater yield and productivity of crops.

Effects of pesticides.

3. They also ensure the adequte growth of plants.

4. They also prevent the food crops from damage.
Side effects of the use of pesticides are:

1. Pesticides are used with the intention of killing pests and because their mode of action is not specific to one species, they often kill or harm organisms other than pests, including humans.

Humans are also vunerable to the harmful effects of these chemicals.

2. They also contain certain components (chemicals) that are toxic if they are inhaled.

3. Certain chemicals in pesticides can also damage the skin, if they come in contact with the skin.

4. The use of a pesticide can also constituite air and water pollution and this may pose a threat to wildlife.

5. The excessive use of these chemicals can also cause damage to the soil by destroying the nutrients in the soil thatb are resposible for adequate growth of plants.

It is important that we use pesticites appropraitely so that we can get their benefits and so as not to see their dark sides.