How To Know That You Are Depressed


– Symptoms of depression.

– Ways by which we can know whether an individual is depressed or not.

Depression is a medical condition that comes with its symptoms. It is a condition in which an individual feels very sad and at the same time anxious.

To some people, it means “living in a black hole” or doom. To others, it means; the feeling of emptiness and lifelessness. A person with this medical condition will find it difficult to go through the day, there is this overwhelming feeling they have in spending their day.

Although, there are some times in our lives when we feel sad, this is normal but there is more to being depressed than just feeling sad.

Depression comes alongside with emotions such as despair, hopelessness, bitterness and gross sadness. It is also a medical condition that can lead to other sicknesses or illnesses.

When an individual is depressed, there are signs that make it possible to know that such an individual is. Learning about depression and knowing the symptoms that accompany it is a good start-off to getting rid of it.

Pointers through which we can know whether an individual is going through depression are:

1. When a person experiences an unavoidable sadness, or sadness in its extremity, then this indicates depression.

2. Also, the feeling of being helpless and hopeless even in minor situations can be a sign.

Symptoms of depression.

3. Self-hatred; when you loathe yourself without a tangible reason, also, when you have strong feeling of guilt coupled with worthlessness, then these are symptoms.

4. Lack of interest in daily activities is also another sign. You just have diminished interest in previously enjoyed activities, you lose pleasure in hobbies, etc.

5.Insomnia and excessive sleeping. The person might either be sleeping extremely or having difficulty in falling asleep.

6. Engaging in reckless activities such as reckless driving, dangerous sports, gambling, drug abuse, high rate of smoking and drinking alcohol, etc.

7. Unexplainable fatigue or feeling exhausted easily.

There are other numerous symptoms, they include; lack of concentration, weghtunexplainweightloss, irritation, quick to fight or being violent, aches and pains, etc.