The Importance Of Using Insecticides


– The advantages we can get from the use of insecticides.

– Why humans make use of insecticides.

An insecticide is a substance that people often use to get rid of insects. Insects are tiny creatures that find their way into the human territory without any invitation.

Because of the small nature of insects, we can find them anywhere they easily move, they do not need much space before they enter a place and infest any substance they want to infest on.

Also, insects infest any place they want to in an unpleasantly large number, they invade crops, food items, provisions, beverages etc.

Insecticides are natural or synthetic chemicals that are useful in the management of insects pests.

Especially the invasion of insect pests on farm produce.

Some insects are very harmful in nature, they destroy plants( Food crops), home furniture, food stuff etc.

Also, some insects are neither harmless, they are just there, while some are totally harmless; they are just constantly in search of what to feed on.

The use of insecticides.

However, the infestation of insecticides brought about the use of insecticide.The importance of the use of insecticides include;

1.They are important for disease control in food crops and this makes it possible for farmers to provide food and fiber for a growing world population.

2. Also, there is an increase in the yields of crops because of protection from defoliation: the separation of ripened leaves from a branch or stem, and diseases.

3. The use of insecticides also makes our homes and abode free from the invasion of insects. Whenever we use a chemical to get rid of insects such as termites, bedbugs, weevils and others, not only are we safe from these insects, it also contributes to the neatness of the environment.

We can also use insecticides to reduce the abundance of mosquitoes and other insects that carry certain diseases to humans.

4. Also, we get prevention from certain diseases that are caused by certain insects. This thereby aids the well-being of humans.

5. insecticide also saves stored food or farm crops from being damaged by insects.