Effects Of Excess Sugar Intake


– Why you should not take sugar in excess.

– Dangers of eating too much sugar.

Sugar is a generic term for sucrose, glucose, fructose, among others. Often, it is used to sweeten a drink.

Although, there is an amount of sugar or glucose that the body needs but taking is in excess is detrimental to the health. When it comes to healthy living, excess sugar intake is not an option.

Also, sugar exists in many forms besides just the white powdered or granulated form. Sugar are also in form of cubes, we have corn syrup, maple syrup, and honey as well.

Some individuals are addicted to sugar to the extent that they hardly eat anything without the presence of sugar. There is a specific amount of sugar that the body can tolerate, anything above this will wreck havoc on the body system.

Excess sugar intake cause damage to the vital organs in the body. Some of the dangers of excess intake of sugar are;

1. Sugar causes blood glucose to cluster and drop. When there is an unstable blood sugar, it causes changes in moods (mood swings), headaches and fatigues. These result in the lack of energy and emotional imbalance.

2. Excess sugar intake can damage the heart
There is an overall heart health risk that accompanies the excessive consumption of sugar, it can cause heart failure.

Dangers of taking excess sugar.

3. It also increases the tendency of obesity.
When an individual eats sugar too much, there is a tendency for him or her to be obese. It also increases belly fat.

4. It affects the functionality of the immune system.
Sugar interferes with immune function, it hinders the proper functioning of the immune system.

5. Diabetes.

This is a major disease that emanates from the excessive intake of sugar. Diabetes is a disease that we should avoid at all costs.

Also, there are many other life-threatening diseases that are attached to the excess intake of sugar.