Sore Eyes: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments


– Symptoms of sores in the eyes.

– How to treat sore eyes.

A sore eye is a common term that we can use to capture a range of sensations that cause pain and discomfort to the eyes. The eye might undergo things that can cause an unpleasant sensation, distress, and pains which we refer to as eyesores.

When an individual has a sore eye, the eye becomes heavy, tired and you might find it difficult to open the eyes or even see well.

Causes of sore eyes are;

  • Eye infections and viral infections can cause sores in the eye.
  • If contact lenses or glasses are worn incorrectly, it makes the eyes sore.
  • Exposure of the eyes to too much sun is also another cause.

    Sore eyes.
  • When you spend endless hours on TV, laptop or PC, this can also strain your eyes and also make the eyes tired and sore.
  • Certain eye makeup products also contain chemicals that are dangerous to the eyes.
  • When the air is filled with chemicals or pollutants such as; factory smoke, automobile wastes, etc. this can irritate the eyes which can, in turn, lead to eye sores.
  • Dry eyes can also be a cause.
  • Also, when you rub your eyes too much, you can have sore eyes.

When there is sore in the eyes, there are certain pointers or symptoms that follow it, they include;

1. Redness of the eyes.
2. Pain and unpleasant sensation in the eyes.
3. Difficulty in opening the eyes well and seeing well.
4. Blurry vision
5. Difficulty in opening the eyes after sleeping.

Treatments for sore eyes:
1. Stop straining your eyes, avoid working too long in front of your computer. You can also take eyes breaks.

2. Use eye drop if you notice sore in the eyes.

How to treat the sore eye.

3. Avoid reading for long under dim light.

4. You should also avoid exposure of your eyes to too much sun.

5. You can also apply a mixture Of apple cider vinegar with water to your eyes to give you relief.

6. Drink lots of water, this also helps in preventing eye sores.

Care of eyes is very important, take care of your eyes to prevent sore eyes.