6 Reasons Why Taking Sugar Can Be Deadly For You

– Reasons Why You Should Stop Taking Sugar

Taking sugar excessively is not so good for your body. However, some people who take sugar in moderate quantity, while others consume in excess. Research has shown that the whole world consumes about 500 extra calories a day from sugar. Some opt for sugar because they feel it is better than having too much saturated fat, calories, and sodium. Here are 6
things that you didn’t know about sugar that could hurt you:

1. Sugar is a silent killer

A study conducted in 2008 proved that excess consumption of fructose resulted in a condition called leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone in the body that makes you figure out when you’ve had enough food. The leptin is ignored with an increased intake of sugar. This results in overeating and eventually, obesity. For this reason, you should know how much fructose you’re getting into your body.

2. Sugar ‘addiction’ may be hereditary

It’s actually possible to be addicted to sugar. a study of some individuals showed that those who had genetic changes in a hormone called ghrelin consumed more sugar and alcohol than those with no gene variation. Ghrelin is a brain that tells your brain you’re hungry. Scientists believe that the genetic components that effect the production of ghrelin have a lot to do with your sugar addiction.

3. Sugar hides in regular non-sugar foods

With the high demand for these non-sugar foods, producers have figured out a way to make profits and making “non-sugar” foods at appealing to the buyers the same time. Most of these foods also contain lots of sugar. Tomato sauce, tonic water, marinades, crackers, fat-free dressing, and bread.

4. Sugar makes you fat

You plus sugar

Quite obvious. Sugar makes it easier to overeat and not aware, with its lack of other nutrients. Other foods that are rich in fiber, protein, and fat have also been connected with this increased fullness. That is why after taking an entire king-size bag of licorice you also take additional foods.

5. Sugar may be linked to cancer

When you take sugar, you’re also consuming insulin. When you take too much sugar your insulin will get to a point that it doesn’t work anymore. A study has been done to link insulin resistance and cancer. Another study has proven that there is a negative connection between starch intake and high sugar with survival rates in both colon cancer patients and breast cancer patients.

6. Sugar improves belly fat

Through observation, many obese children and adolescents who find taking sugar a necessity have the accumulation of fat in the belly area of the body. A 2010 study in children have found take excess fructose intake caused visceral fat cells to mature, making it very comfortable for belly fat to grow bigger. For this same reason, there is an increase in the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

With these points, you know what taking sugar will do to your body.  You can decide to take honey or reduce your sugar intake.

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