Why Fluid Is Essential To The Body


– The importance of fluids.

– What constitutes fluids.

Fluids are liquids which can flow with relative ease. Fluid is essential for life. This is also why the human body is made up of approximately 60% water.

There are many sources of fluids but the best choice is water. Water is an absolute fluid that has a range of healthy benefits to the body.

Fruit juices such as orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice etc, are also good sources of vitamin C and they are fluids as well.

There are enormous benefits attached to fluid intake, some of them are;

1. Fluids help in carrying nutrients around the body and to the blood. They also ensure that nutrients get dissolved, absorbed, circulated and transported.

2. They also serve as a good means by which we can stay hydrated. The lack of fluids leads to dehydration and disrupts the body.

3. It also helps to flush out unwanted substances and toxins from the body system.

Fluids are essential to the health.

4. Also, a proper and proportionate fluid intake helps to prevent constipation.

5. Fluid regulates the body temperature.

6. It also helps the digestive system, it helps the body in breaking or digesting food.

7. Fluids also help the kidneys work to produce urine and remove waste from the body. Fluid helps prevent urinary tract infections by keeping the urinary tract healthy as well.

8. Fluids keep us far from health conditions such as such as headaches, circles under the eyes, flabby skin, weakness, enervation, constipation, lower body problems, etc.

Lack of fluids in the body can cause:
*Urine that is dark or yellow.
*Dry skin
*Weakness and enervation.
*Feeling tired or dizzy.
* Exposure to certain sicknesses etc.

Also, water, juice, milk, tea, coffee etc are fluids. But beer and alcohol should not count as fluid intake.